Top Destinations for Budget Travelers

Ask anyone who works as a trip leader, adventure guide, or any outdoor seasonal job and they’ll tell you one of the best perks of the lifestyle is the freedom that comes with your offseason!  Here are some of our top destinations for budget travel so you can stretch your money and travel as long as possible.


India - $10 a day

With a rich history and vibrant culture, India is a must-see for any traveler!  From bustling cities, the Taj Mahal, incredible wildlife, and gorgeous beaches you won’t be disappointed.  

2. China - $25 a day

The world’s most populated country is also a traveler's dream with so much to do and explore.  The Great Wall, pandas, lively cities, and cheap delicious food!

3. Indonesia $20-$30 a day

Indonesia is a destination that can be as expensive or cheap as you make it!  A backpacking and digital nomad hub there is no shortage of beautiful sites and adventures to be had in Indonesia. With multiple islands, it is recommended to stick to one or two places and stick to local transportation since inter-island travel can get expensive.  

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4. Portugal $20-$30 a day

Not many places in Western Europe can be considered budget friendly, but for dirtbag travelers who want to see Europe Portugal is a dream!  Take in gothic architecture, go wine tasting, and visit dreamy castles.

5. Cambodia - $25 a day

It’s easy to live in Cambodia for a month for $1000 or less if you do it right!  Dirt-cheap hostels and local food allow you to splurge on more extensive luxuries

6. Nepal - $10 - $20 a day

If you choose local options Nepal is one of the best countries to travel through for those on a budget!  With lush jungles to the stunning Himalayas, there’s no shortage of things to do and see.


7. Guatemala - $15 a day

For a Central America Adventure on a budget look no further than Guatemala! Spend your days exploring jungles, volcanos, beaches, and ruins or take a break from the outdoors and check out colonial cities.

8. Laos - $15- $20 a day

Between Thailand and Vietnam Laos is the budget adventurer’s dream.  Great for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, cycling, and climbing.

9. Kyrgyzstan - $25 a day

Looking to travel to Central Asia?  Look no further than Kyrgyzstan! Cheap and interesting food, amazing mountain treks, and fixed public transportation prices make it a great place for travelers on all budgets!

10. Georgia - $20-$30 a day

A country you’ll surely be hearing about more and more and cheaper than parts of South-East Asia.  Cheap, but quality hostels, local meals around $3, and $1 public transportation plus tons of hiking and day trips make Georgia a great place for extended travel.  

About the Author:

Courtney Condy is an Adventure Travel Guide and Founder of Occupation Wild.

Courtney Condy