Why Outdoor Jobs Are The Best Jobs

With non-traditional jobs hotter than ever, it’s hard to decide what direction to take! Do you keep your current job and work remotely?  Teach English online? Or do you find a job in the outdoor or adventure travel industry?

We might be biased, but hear us out, these are our top reasons why we think outdoor jobs are the best!

  1. You get to work outside 

    This one might seem obvious, but we think it’s often overlooked! There are no days chained to your computer wishing you were out playing in the sun or snow.  With guiding and outdoor jobs you get to be outside doing what you love every day! Whether you’re sharing knowledge with clients about the mountain range in front of you in Alaska or explaining Gaudi’s vision for the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, every day is an adventure and you never have to miss out.

  2. You get paid to travel

    Another obvious one, but what is better than actually getting paid to travel!  Whether you’re working domestically in the National Parks or leading trips in elephant sanctuaries in Thailand you’re getting paid to work and live in places most people only dream of.  Some jobs are more stationary and you might spend all summer in one spot and others you’re flying off to new countries every other week!

  3. Awesome community

    Have you ever felt out of place in the culture of endless happy hours and brunch on the weekends?  Dying to meet other people who love hiking, trail running, surfing, skiing, etc as much as you do? Don’t look any further, you’re about to meet YOUR people in the outdoor industry!  Anyone in the industry will tell you that one of the best parts of the job is all of the awesome people and coworkers you meet along the way.

  4. Total freedom in the offseason

    Working non-stop for a season or longer can be tiring, but it provides the freedom to do whatever you want in your offseason!  Backpack across Southeast Asia or finally tackling the Pacific Crest Trail, you’ll have the time and extra income to pursue those long term bucket list goals.  

  5. Lots of perks

    The perks of the guiding/ trip leading lifestyle are endless!  From free housing, free meals or daily food stipends, Pro Deals on anything from gear, hotels, flights, rental cars, you save more money than you could even imagine.  

  6. New Skills

    Acquire new skills beyond getting better at Excel. From interpersonal to technical, the skills you pick up while working will serve you for the rest of your life.  Whether you’re learning better communication, how to haul and back a trailer, wilderness medicine, or backcountry survival, you’ll leave a better a guide and better person because of it!

About the Author:

Courtney Condy is an Adventure Travel Guide and Founder of Occupation Wild.

Courtney Condy