Utah Conservation Corps


Hiring: AmeriCorps Field Boss and 2020 AmeriCorps Crew Leaders



The Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) is an AmeriCorps program dedicated to developing conservation leaders.


  • Positions are available based in Logan, Moab, and Cedar City, UT

    Work at project sites throughout the region

  • Project sites on public land within a day’s drive of the field office base

AmeriCorps Field Boss:

The UCC Field Boss is an AmeriCorps position responsible for providing direct leadership and support to UCC field crews and assisting UCC field staff in seasonal trainings and logistical coordination. The Field Boss is an integral member of UCC field operations, ensuring that UCC crews are adequately trained and prepared to perform high quality conservation service in a positive, safe, and productive environment.

The Field Boss is expected to provide leadership and support in relation to UCC’s overarching and crewspecific programmatic goals. Support of field crews and operations will include but not be limited to: working with crews at their project sites, assisting in training crew leaders and members, performing project site visits, managing logistics for standard and specialized crews, maintaining tools and equipment, helping in the field office, and assisting with crew member recruitment efforts. The UCC Field Boss is also responsible for working alongside regional staff to develop positive, lasting partnerships with sponsors. Under the supervision of regional staff, the member may participate in site visits and discussions about current and upcoming projects.

This position involves frequent travel, camping, irregular hours, and a varying weekly schedule. The Field Boss must have strong leadership and communication skills, flexibility, capacity for self-direction, a passion for conservation work, and a desire to provide mentorship to emerging conservation leaders. The UCC Field Boss position is an AmeriCorps term requiring a ten-month commitment.

The Utah Conservation Corps supports Field Bosses in gaining advanced conservation corps leadership experience and attaining high level technical skills training during their term while interfacing with infield operations and field office administration.

AmeriCorps Crew Leaders:

The UCC Crew Leader is an AmeriCorps position where the member participates in leadership skills development during the spring field season and then provides direct leadership, mentorship, and teaching for a UCC field crew during the summer and fall field seasons.

During the spring season, the Crew Leader participates in essential hard and soft skills trainings and completes conservation projects as part of a crew of crew leader-trainees.  Field staff give extra attention to debriefing crew leadership scenarios, helping leaders refine tool and project
techniques, attending to areas of individual growth, and teaching the full responsibilities of the Crew Leader position.  Crew Leaders will be evaluated throughout the spring season and will only be promoted into the full leadership role upon demonstrating essential competencies.

During summer and fall seasons, Crew Leaders are responsible for preparing and leading a 5-10 person crew in conservation project work, as well as upholding UCC values, ensuring that UCC policies and procedures are followed, facilitating education time with their crew, communicating with project sponsors, and recording & reporting important weekly project outcome data and other documentation.

Field crews are assigned to a variety of conservation projects located across the state of Utah. Projects can be rural, remote, backcountry or urban and may include habitat restoration, invasive plant removal, fence building, trail improvement, forest fuels reduction & other forest fire mitigation efforts, surveying, and more.  Each crew has a unique project and travel schedule.  All crews are trained in chainsaw and hand tool use, trails techniques, and wilderness medicine.  Crews generally camp near project sites and return to their field office location for off time between project weeks. Crew Leaders are expected to have a place of residence near their field office location.

The Crew Leader position is an AmeriCorps term requiring a full-time, ten-month commitment.