What to Pack to Travel the World


Traveling the world with a carry on backpack only has been a new thing for me. And honestly, it’s been challenging in the beginning. That’s why I’m very happy to share my personal improvements and tips with everyone, who’s going to backpack.

Some facts to introduce my backpack to you: it’s a 55L one, which weights around 10kg in average (depending on if I’m having some food/water with me and what I’m wearing).

The main reason why I decided to travel with carry on is on the one hand to save money, because luggage drop off is quite expensive. And on the other hand to be able to have the full control over my belongings, meaning that I rather take it on the plane with me, because you never know how they’re throwing it, you don’t have to wait at the baggage belt and nothing gets lost. I already met several travelers, who were without their luggage for days, which isn’t the nicest thing.


As I’m blogging on instagram, I do have a dslr and a MacBook on me. I decided to take only two lenses with me, which are very small, and serve me in any situation. It’s the canon 24mm pancake and the 50mm lens. Very obvious things that you should think of are chargers and maybe even a power-bank, depending on how many devises you have and how often you have to charge them. I personally don’t need it, as I always make it work, but it might be useful for some people. These are the things I couldn’t travel without as a digital nomad.


But let’s talk about the inside of my backpack. I started more or less with a quite empty backpack, to have the freedom to buy a few new items. You’ll always find something nice (and especially in Asia very cheap too), but if your bag is already full, you’ll struggle every time you want to buy something.

To tick off all the obvious things first, I bring a couple pair of socks, some underwear and bikinis. You don’t have to pack too many, just wash them each time you shower (which also saves you money for laundry).

I definitely could live with less clothes, but since I’m blogging on instagram, I want to have a bigger variety. So basically it means that I’m having more clothes with me, to takes photos in them. Such a cliché, I know. But believe me, my amount is still very limited. After meeting so many other travelers, that aren’t even able to carry their own backpack, I feel like I’ve found a good balance for me. I’ll skip the part, where I’m telling you exactly how many tops or dresses I’m carrying with me, but I’ll share a simple hack, that made a huge change for me.

It’s packing cubes - who would have thought?

Once I’ve found out about them, I got never stressed again, when I needed to pack, because they make it so much easier. They not only help you to organize your clothes, but are a real time and space saver.

So far so good, I also wanna share some hacks according to traveling around with liquid toiletries. Since you’re only allowed to take 100ml bottles on board only, it can be a real hassle, without buying them new in every country. My tips therefore are: use as less liquids as possible. You can easily replace so many of them, which you’ve probably never thought about. For example: a liquid shampoo with a shampoo bar, dry shampoo with powder, a deodorant spray with a stick and refill a small bottle with shower gel in hostels.

That should be it, now you’re best prepared to travel the world as a digital nomad!

About the Author: I'm Wioletta, a 22 year old girl, who is living her dream of traveling the world. As I got inspired a lot by social media to explore a lot of the places I've already been to, I wanna do the same. Follow me along, to see what the beautiful earth has to offer and read captions full of motivation, positivity and vegan related nutrition and fitness facts. Follow me here

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