Camp Denali & North Face Lodge


Hiring: Naturalist Guide

Camp Denali & North Face Lodge are separate lodges one mile apart, on private land deep in the interior of Denali National Park, Alaska. We are family-owned and operated, an organization whose employees have a voice, and work has a purpose.

Our mission is to provide active learning experiences and foster stewardship of the natural world through a tradition of excellence, community, and place.  Our guests leave with a new appreciation and desire to be advocates for their public lands, and revitalized by the community environment they've been embraced by.  

Near the end of the 90-mile gravel road leading into Denali National Park, our private piece of land is a five-hour+ bus ride from the nearest convenience store, ATM, or restaurant, and a seven-hour+ drive from Fairbanks, the nearest city. We are as remote as they come in Denali, and the only lodge inside the park with a view of the mountain on a clear day. 


Our remote location and commitment to stewardship require us to be a resourceful team. More often than not, we bake it, we sew it, we build it, we fix it, we grow it, and we recycle it. A sense of place grows from the earnest work of maintaining this enterprise, from the camaraderie and friendships that grow, and from our commitment to provide the best quality experience for our guests in a setting that is beyond compare.

Choosing to work at Camp Denali means embracing the small community that will be your home for four months of the year.  Our staff work collaboratively and share close living spaces and common rooms with one another and our bi-weekly turnover of guests.  We work hard, and take pride in our work.  The exceptional experience we offer to guests is the first and most important thread we have in common each season, but we find time amidst the long hours to play games of capture the flag, have jam sessions, watch movies, watch moose feeding from the pond in front of the dining hall, and so much more.  

Working with Camp Denali is an opportunity to connect with coworkers, of all ages and backgrounds, and to form a family.  We fill in for one another when we're sick, lend a hand to coworkers who are having a bad day, and share and teach one another our non-work related talents like playing music, carpentry, knitting, sewing, and dancing.  


Camp Denali and North Face Lodge are looking for experienced naturalist guides with a solid understanding of ecological processes.  A naturalist guide is a teacher of experiential learning, a backcountry hiking guide, and a competent driver. These individuals are the staff who connect our guests with Denali, and impassion them to embrace and support public lands moving forward.

The position will work an average of five 10-hour workdays each week, 2-4 of which will be guiding, with the balance of shifts worked across other departments (i.e. housekeeping/serving, operations, kitchen, etc.), depending on company needs. The position of naturalist-guide is a professional role, and implements the educational mission of Camp Denali and North Face Lodge. 

This position requires a multi-disciplinary background including a firm background in natural history.  Knowledge base should include, but is not limited to, North American bird and bird song identification; North American plant identification, including familiarity with botanical nomenclature and relationships; wildlife ecology; geologic processes; understanding of nutrient/energy cycling; Alaska’s history, including early humans, today’s native peoples, public lands, statehood, and the Alaska land acts; and Leave No Trace principles appropriate to the sub-arctic.

A solid academic background in the natural sciences is required (MS preferred) and experience in arctic/sub-arctic or alpine regions is desired. This is a rewarding and challenging position set in an unparalleled setting among an interesting and committed conservation-minded community of staff.  We seek to offer the highest quality experience for visitors who venture out with our diverse and qualified staff of naturalists.  This is not your average summer job in Denali.

Necessary skills include current Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications, and the abilities to route-find in Denali’s trail-less terrain, lead people confidently and safely in the backcountry, and use the natural world as a classroom to enhance guests’ understanding of ecology.  Guest interaction is a major component; naturalist guides must possess the ability to communicate articulately and with an easy conversational style, and have a sincere interest in people.  Anyone in this position must have the willingness to train into a commercial driver’s license to drive up to 34 passengers in buses over the unpaved, mountainous Denali Park Road while providing interpretation.