American Conservation Experience


Hiring: Pacific West Region (2 locations available!) Conservation Corps – 450 AmeriCorps Hours


American Conservation Experience is a non-profit conservation corps currently seeking energetic, ambitious individuals to engage in national service as AmeriCorps members in a 14-week outdoor skill-training opportunity. ACE intends to provide a meaningful service to regional communities by taking direct action through conservation of our valuable natural resources. Our mission is to introduce and prepare corps members for careers in resource management with ACE, other conservation corps, or public agencies such as the National Park Service, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife, CA State Parks, or the Bureau of Land Management, among other regional land managers.

TWO LOCATION OPTIONS AVAILABLE! ACE is currently seeking 14-week, 450-HOUR AmeriCorps members of the ACE Conservation Corps program, in our Central California and Sierra Regional Headquarters of the ACE Pacific West branch...

 Start Date: July 29th, 2019*              End Date: November 2nd, 2019   (450 HOURS)

*A 14-week commitment is required once enrolled.  An early arrival of 7/28 is expected to be rested, settle into ACE housing, and be prepared for your first full day of orientation. There may be opportunities available to continue with ACE after the term is complete for the best performing crew members, depending on available projects in the field and seasonal constraints. Please inquire.



Option 1: Central California, with housing near Boulder Creek, CA. Expected project locations are in the central coast and inland valley with CA State Parks and others in various locations not limited to Napa County, SF/Marin County, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey County.

Option 2: Sierra California, with housing in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Expected project locations are in the Tahoe Basin, Southern Cascades, and Eastern Sierra Mountain Range, alongside partners such as the USFS, NPS, and CA State Parks.

Position Description:

  • AmeriCorps Members of ACE Conservation Corps program will spend several weeks learning techniques of conservation and land management while training on trail construction, trail repair, forestry, and environmental restoration projects under the guidance of ACE’s most highly skilled staff members. The goal of the position is to accomplish meaningful project work for a variety of public land management agencies while becoming proficient in advanced field techniques.

This position may entail the following:

  • Working 10 hours per day for 4-8 consecutive days on a crew comprised of 6-12 other service members in outdoor locations

  • Working and camping in a variety of weather conditions including temperatures ranging from near freezing high elevations to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, high winds, intense sunshine, and rain

  • Serving on environmental stewardship projects including (but not limited to): Trail Construction/Maintenance; Dry Stone Masonry, Harmful Plant Mitigation, Forest Fuels Reduction, Fence Installation/Repair; Habitat Restoration; and Historical Preservation.

  • Hiking extended distances on steep and rough terrain with a 40-pound backpack

  • Professionally serving on at least 1 volunteer event and/or project in the local community (3 Hours required for AmeriCorps 450-hour members)


  • Housing for off days may fall at the South Lake Tahoe, CA housing location, Boulder Creek housing location or days-off on projects locations themselves

  • Projects are expected to be within a several hour driving radius of housing, with transportation to and from the project site provided

  • Both frontcountry and backcountry project locations are possible

  • Projects may take place from central to northern California where temperatures vary from very cold to very hot! You can expect to experience a combination of conditions from wind or rain, to extremely dry conditions. Do not underestimate California’s ability to get cold!


  • A bi-weekly living allowance of $280, before taxes

  • Upon completion of the 450 Hour, 14 –week AmeriCorps (CORPS) program, members receive a Segal Education Award of $1566.14 More information regarding amount and eligibility, see the AmeriCorps website.

  • Food is provided on project days

  • Housing (volunteer housing, tents, limited facilities) is included both on and off project days

  • Members are eligible for preferential hiring status following their term of service. Corps Members who have served a minimum of 640 hours on appropriate public land projects may qualify for Public Land Corps non-competitive hiring status!

  • Trainings, including Leave No Trace (LNT), diverse restoration management, and terrainspecific trail work. Members should expect to be trained in all the tools and techniques needed to successfully complete their scheduled projects. Membership spanning several seasons allows for additional training opportunities.


AmeriCorps members serving with ACE should have an established interest in service and conservation issues and should take joy in tackling challenging situations with a positive mindset. Applicants must be willing to undertake arduous physical work in all types of weather and terrain, and to participate as a team member dedicated to ACE's mission. ACE's Conservation Corps program is an excellent way to start or further your professional development and invest in your future. It is also a stepping stone to environmental careers and as a gateway to potential advancement within ACE, not only as an interesting and rewarding way to spend several weeks working in beautiful locations.

Other Requirements: 

  • US Citizens and permanent resident

  • To prove eligibility and citizenship, members must be able to provide ORIGINALS of the following documents: 1) Social Security card, 2) Passport or Birth certificate, 3) Photo ID (passport, driver’s license, military license, or student ID)

  • The minimum age to serve with ACE is 18. United States Public Land Corps (PLC) legislation targets applicants of 18-35 years of age in this opportunity.

  • Personal medical insurance for the duration of participation with ACE

  • ACE provides tents to all members, but all other camping items such as all leather boots (no mesh), sleeping bags, backpacks, water containers, and raingear must be provided by the applicant

  • Due to fire hazard conditions in ACE (specifically in California), smoking is not permitted at any work site. Smoking will not be permitted when on project at undeveloped campgrounds or when serving backcountry. Smoking may be permitted at ACE housing, but will be restricted to designated areas.

  • Upon hire, all members must consent to a Criminal History Check. Their service with ACE will be considered probationary until all results are returned and have been reviewed

  • Drug users, including users of marijuana, should not consider applying as ACE reserves the right to drug test and absolutely abhors the presence of drug users in our program. ACE intends to be a positive influence and intends to create safe and healthy environments for our members. Alcohol use is strictly prohibited on ACE projects and on ACE property. Any evidence of drug use or violating ACE’s alcohol policy will result in immediate release from the program.

Positions open until filled, but are in high demand. Apply now!

To Apply: 

Fill in your basic information and click "APPLY FOR THIS POSITION"  located on the upper right hand corner of the position listing above or find on our website here:  

Upload all requested documents including your motivation statement, resume, and 3 professional references. Rather than a traditional cover letter, please include a motivation statement which sincerely describes your interests, skills, professional goals, and any other relevant information in regards to this opportunity. This is your opportunity to stand out and express why you are a great fit for our program, in your own words. If you have any questions regarding this position, please feel free to contact the California Outreach Coordinator, Marcel Coppolino at 928-814-3191 or

Also, consider checking out our Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and social media for more details about ACE!