YMCA Storer Camps


Hiring: Program Educators

To Apply: email cover letter/ resume to Nancy Burger (nburger@ymcastorercamps.org)



The YMCA Storer Camps Outdoor School strives to encourage students to learn experientially about nature and their role as stewards to the environment. Students also learn more about themselves while living and working in a community environment and learning through our four core values: Honesty, Caring, Responsibility and Respect.  The teaching staff at YMCA Storer Camps believes that outdoor environmental education involves more than just understanding environmental sciences and issues.  When there is opportunity for individuals to learn effective communication skills, it then fosters a growth in areas of cooperation and the building and sustaining of strong communities. An educator works as part of a “Front Line” team responsible for delivering top quality residential OEE and SPGR camping programs.

As a Program Educator, every day will be busy, but rewarding.  You will be in charge of teaching the kids about the environment, caring for their needs, entertaining them, eating meals with them and doing various activities where they are engaged physically and mentally.  As an educator and staff member, this opportunity is full of rewards.  You will have the opportunity to touch the lives and build relationships with the young lives that come to this camp.  You will be able to grow personally and professionally in teaching others, learning from others, and becoming or enhancing your versatility in the outdoors.

Program Planning:

  • Prepared to teach all curriculum area through training, peer observation, research, and class outlines.

  • Maintains a safe, high quality standard program for all guests of Storer Camps.

  • Assists in the continued development and delivery of the curriculum.

  • Functions as a part of the entire Association.  Participates in all program areas of Storer Camps and Association as requested.

  • Develops and maintains new program opportunities and responsive evaluations to improve Storer’s programs.

  • Responsible for general facility and equipment upkeep on a daily basis as well as center wide clean up at the end of the week.

  • Class equipment is well cared for, kept clean and orderly.

  • Equipment and facility needs are observed and communicated to supervisors in a timely manner.

  • Participates in weekly staff meetings.

Implementing Programming:

  • Teaches curriculum areas of Natural Science, Environmental Awareness, Adventure Education (includes the climbing tower, low and high rope courses) and Cultural History.

  • Responsible and willing to rotate duties as a staff member in OEE and SPGR programs.

  •  Develops positive, friendly, professional rapport with guests and fellow staff members.

  • Flexible to adapt to programs and the needs and desires of our guests.

  • Facilitates recreational activities and evening programs as scheduled for OEE and SPGR weekend groups.

  • Facilitates weekly evaluations from teachers, cabin leaders and group leaders on class knowledge, presentation, and professionalism.

  • Serves as part of other department activities when needed and assigned by the director of the program area.

  • Abides within the Personnel Policies of YMCA Storer Camps.

  • Maintains a clean living environment inside and outside of assigned living unit.


Salary and Benefits:

As a Program Educator, you will earn a base pay range of $300 - $330 per week (based on education and experience).  After 6 months, PE’s are eligible for paid time off/holidays and health benefits.  The position provides on-site housing, meals when groups are in camp, and a fitness membership to the local YMCA.


The Storer Outdoor School and Specialty Programming and Group Retreats programs run during the calendar school year from August 22, 2019 – December, 2019 and January - June 5, 2020 (staff training begins August 22, 2019).


All residential camp employees for The Storer Camps Outdoor School and Specialty Programming & Group Retreats seasons live in on-camp housing.  Most housing units are shared while some single rooms and kitchen facilities are available.  Each unit has carpet, heat, bathroom facilities, and some furniture (bed, dresser, desk, and chair for each staff member).  All utilities are paid by camp.  Free laundry facilities are also located on-site.  No pets are allowed, except those kept in aquariums.  You’ll be joining a staff of 14 Program Educators along with 5 members on the Leadership team that come from all over the country. 

Training and Career Advancement:

1 week staff training and curriculum manual provided at beginning of the school year. Career path mentoring, on-going staff development & feedback, and leadership opportunities available throughout the school year.