VISIONS Service Adventures


Hiring: Summer Community Service Trip Leaders & Carpenters

Location: Alaska, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Montana reservations, Peru


VISIONS offers summer programs for teens that focus on meaningful community service, cultural immersion and adventure. Co-ed groups of 16 - 25 teens and 4 - 6 leaders live and work together in the heart of a host community.

Position Description:

Leaders attend 5 days of training at VISIONS headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, before traveling with fellow leaders to the program location. (Location assignments are determined during the hiring process). There is another week of on-site training before participants arrive for the program(s).

Leaders supervise and mentor teens during 12-day to 4-week programs. Some locations have back-to-back sessions with a few days of break in between. Team leaders work together to foster a safe, fun and positive experience that cultivates growth and global understanding for the participants. Leaders work with and supervise students in all aspects of the program: service projects, recreational activities, cross-cultural events, and even day to day chores such as cooking and cleaning. The first priority is creating a positive and productive experience for the participants.

This is a residential program, with leaders and teens living together in a community center, rented house, or similar place that we call home for the summer. We have long-term ties to the places we work, and thus are a part of the community and usually live in a local neighborhood. With that, professionalism, respectfulness and community interaction are a natural part of every day. Leaders work hard, but the work is incredibly fulfilling when it’s the right fit. VISIONS leaders commit to a work attitude that is cooperative, positive, safety-conscious, and community-spirited.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Minimum age 22

  • First Aid and CPR certified before the program begins

  • Background check (~ $35), paid for by applicant, will be required of all trip leaders immediately upon job offer

Preferred Qualification (Dependent on location assignment):

  • For language immersion programs: fluent or conversational-level Spanish

  • Carpentry skills

  • Photography experience

  • Advanced medical training (WFR, EMT, etc.)

Salary/ Benefits:

Salary is commensurate with similar employment opportunities and experience, and varies depending on the program duration. Please email if you would like more details. Room, board, round-trip travel to/from program sites is provided by VISIONS. Transportation to training in Bozeman, Montana, is at the leader’s expense.

Employment Dates:

Full attendance at leader training is required, and training begins the morning of June 15, 2019 in Bozeman. Employment duration ranges from 6-10 weeks depending on the program location.