Tumbling River Ranch


Hiring: Multiple Summer Staff Positions (wranglers, fly fishing guides, ranch hands, counselors, etc)


A second generation, family run mountain ranch resort, Tumbling River Ranch located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies at 9200 feet.  We are known for terrific kids’ programs, excellent food, beautiful horseback riding and fun family activities.  Located in magnificent central Colorado, the ranch is a perfect place to spend a summer filled with excitement and adventure.

Our goal every week is to provide our guests with the best family vacation they have ever had. Our guests have very high standards and expectations for the quality of service they want. The work is hard, and the hours are long, but the rewards are endless! 

At Tumbling River, we expect our staff to do everything possible to exceed those standards.  We set very high expectations of performance from our employees. We expect our staff to be friendly, warm, outgoing, respectful and, selfless. If you have the opportunity to be part of our team, you will make lifelong friends and meet exceptional families. We combine family fun, with a western high service feel.  We work as a team to provide the best vacation experience to our guests.

We are hiring for the following positions for the summer of 2019:  cooks, baker, wait staff, housekeepers, children counselors, nannies, wranglers, fly-fishing guides, ranch hands, drivers, dish washers and office staff.


While there are some ‘technical’ activities at the ranch (cooking, baking, wrangler and kids counseling) that may demand ‘hard skills’, we look at personality traits first, including people who are:

  • -19 years of age, or older

  • -good at building one on one relationships with guests

  • -positive attitude at all time

  • -love kids, people and service

  • -hard workers/able to work long, sometimes varied hours

  • -problem solvers

  • -enjoying working on a team and jumping to help the collective team

  • -flexible/able to adapt activities to the needs of guests