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Hiring: Climbing & Via Ferrata Instructor


We at Southeast Mountain Guides believe in connecting authentically with clients as we facilitate experiences rock climbing in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Southeast Mountain Guides consists of a Via Ferrata and a climbing/rappelling guide service. We are looking for crew members who are passionate about sharing the love of climbing with our clients. Having climbing certification is very beneficial but it is not a requirement.

Job Description:

The majority of our crew members maintain two roles as a Southeast employee. One is a Via Ferrata instructor and this is generally considered the baseline position. The additional position would be a certified climbing and rappelling instructor.

Via Ferrata Instructor

Via Ferrata is a style of climbing in which the climber is secured to a cable system while traversing a cliff face with the aid of iron hand and foot rungs.

Via Ferrata instructors are responsible for

  • Facilitating Via Ferrata orientations

  • Performing Via Ferrata rescues (aid to clients in need)

  • Supervising Via Ferrata participants while on the course

  • Operating cash register and general sales

  • Completing cleaning and general maintenance of the facility

All training for a Via Ferrata instructor is completed internally, under the mentorship of one or more core crew members.

Certified Climbing and Rappelling Instructor

These instructors are responsible for facilitating guided trips in the Red River Gorge, KY to beginner and experienced rock climbers. At a minimum we require an American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor (AMGA SPI) certification or equivalent.

Our Clientele:

Via Ferrata (Cabled Climbing System)

The Via Ferrata is a fantastic introductory experience to recreational climbing, and can be enjoyed by individuals, families, and large groups. Participants travel from all over to experience the uniqueness of Via Ferrata climbing. Families and groups make up a majority of our client base. Common groups include Boy Scouts, church groups, and school groups. Due to the ease of introduction, most Via Ferrata clients are new or have very little experience with the sport of climbing. Although we see all types of clients, participants must be 10 years of age or older.

Guided Rock Climbing & Guided Rappelling

Our most common clients for guided climbing are adults with some experience who are looking to hone their climbing technique and technical skills. Since many of our beginner clients enjoy the Via Ferrata, a signification portion of our guided trips is made up of instructional or advanced clients. That said, Southeast tailors each and every trip to the specific client and meets them at their needs. We love working with all age groups and all skill sets: young or old, zero experience to many years of experience, etc.

Our Values:

Connection – Growth – Professionalism – Servant Leadership – Integrity

We strive to connect with people authentically.

We seek to cultivate an environment of growth and betterment.

We support a team made up of professional and caring servant leaders who act with integrity.

These core values guide us as we offer climbing services that minimize risk; encourage learning; are refined, relevant, engaging, and unique; and that promote climbing stewardship through responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.

Seasonal Employment:

We are looking for crew members to work the full season which runs from March 1st through December 1st with a 10 day pre-season training at the end of February.

Employment is considered part-time with fluctuating hours. At a minimum 16 hours per week and maximum of 60 hours per week. It is expected that crew members work every Saturday.

Minimum pay of $11 per hour.

Application Process:

To gain more detailed information or to submit a resume contact Nicole Meyer ( click Apply Now below