Operation Groundswell


Hiring: Program Leader - Peru and Guatemala


Want to share that passion while leading a team from bus to hostel to boat to beach? Want to grow as an individual and as a leader? To do it in a cool, critical way, and learn and teach modes of ethical, responsible travel? We are a small non-profit organization looking for experienced leaders, enthusiastic facilitators, fun storytellers, and badass backpackers to lead our Guatemala: Extreme programs in 2019!


Program leaders are the foundation of our organization. OG program leaders act as educators, logistics gurus, and local experts for groups of 8-13 people on a trip of a lifetime! They organize projects and work with our local partners, facilitate activities over a variety of pertinent topics in ethical travel and development, help lead treks and hikes, and organize bin bag fashion shows and city-wide scavenger hunts!

Job Perks:

Operation Groundswell program leaders will:

  • Gain crucial and marketable leadership skills from our PL Training Program

  • Receive training in the experiential education model in action at our annual leadership retreat

  • Receive training in marketing, group management, program planning and coordination, partner relations and project management, budget building and tracking, and how to make pooping your pants cool.

  • Receive experienced support in all of the above while on the ground

  • Gain access to OG’s partners and partnerships worldwide

  • Receive the following compensation for the programs included in this contract:

  • $1000 CAD stipend upon completion of the first 40-day program

  • $1000 CAD stipend upon completion of the second 40-day program

  • Receive Wilderness First Aid Training

  • Have costs covered to and from the starting point of your program (roundtrip flights if you don’t live in your country of work)

  • Have in-country costs covered while running programming

  • Eat unlimited homemade tortillas!

  • Experience an opportunity of a lifetime and see the country in a whole new light

  • Guide a team of amazing people into the world of ethical travel!

  • Grow within the Operation Groundswell organization


The following criteria must be met before being considered for this position. As an OG program leader, you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age

  • Have a passion for social change and desire to work with international service organizations

  • Have intimate knowledge of your region (i.e. have traveled and/or lived there)

  • Have experience and/or competency dealing with emergency (medical and emotional/mental) situations

  • Display strong written and verbal communication skills (English)

  • Have sufficient local language (Spanish) skills to: hustle for group transportation, bargain for sweet deals, meet with our partners and planning/budgeting projects, translate in community meetings or guided excursions (if applicable), deal with any medical or general emergency

  • Have a range of group leadership experience and ability to:

  • Facilitate meaningful discussions and group activities, integrating OG's Core Curriculum and region-specific activities

  • Create planned and spontaneous opportunities for learning experience

  • Support conflict resolution and group cohesion

  • Be a badass traveler, think on the fly, and get into the local scene with ease