Elements Wilderness


Hiring: Field Mentors

Program Overview:

Elements Wilderness provides a safe and healthy environment for struggling young men (13-17). While with us, our students (and their families) will be provided the opportunity to explore past choices and set a new course for their futures. In order to accomplish this goal, we’ve chosen to use the outdoors, healthy role-modeling, adventure activities, and evidence-based therapeutic methods.

Field Mentors Overview:

Field Mentors are the foundation of our program and a student’s experience. They are most importantly responsible for student safety, both physically and emotionally.  Mentors operate as front-line staff, building relationships with our students. Field Mentors work closely with the therapist to help implement the treatment plan designed for that week while maintaining the big picture approach for the students and the group. As such, they are part outdoor professional and part mental-health professional. Successful Mentors are passionate about this work, have a desire to grow & learn, and demonstrate patience & flexibility.

What Makes Us Different:

  • We are a small company that is owner-operated

  • We use evidence-based methods to work with a specific population

  • We use an expedition model and adventure-based programming as another way to introduce metaphor and encourage change within our students.

Pay & Benefits:

We believe Field Mentors are professionals in this industry. Therefore, we provide on-going training and hold staff to a high standard. We also provide one of the highest starting wages, and one of the most competitive overall packages in the industry.

Mentors work through a level system, each level focusing on developing skills relevant to certain areas of the program. Field Mentors will start with an Apprenticeship which lasts 3 rotations and is fully paid at $165/ day. After that, you will move through the levels at your own pace with our support and direction: Instructor ($170/ day), Assistant Group Lead ($185/ day), Group Lead, and Advanced Lead. Group Leads make $215/day with Advanced Leads at $230/day. For most staff, it’s possible to achieve the Group Lead position within ~ 9 months. In addition, we do offer bonus-based retention contracts starting at six months of employment to those employees in good standing that commit to certain amounts of time.

Benefits – Mentors are eligible for medical & dental insurance after 60 days of employment. Elements pay 75% of the monthly premium. We also pay for Wilderness First Responder certifications and re-certifications as well as providing pro-deal discounts.

 If you have significant previous experience in wilderness therapy, we are certainly interested in chatting with you about your professional goals and may recognize your previous experience on a case-by-case basis.

To Apply:

Step 1 – Read over this page and our website to ensure Elements, and this work, seem like a good fit

Step 2 – Ensure you meet the basic requirements:

  • 20 years old

  • Able to pass a Federal Criminal Background Check

  • Pass a pre-employment and random drug screenings

  • Have at least a High School diploma or equivalent (Bachelor’s preferred)

  • Certified in 1st Aid and CPR at a minimum (WFR strongly preferred)

  • A strong love of the wilderness and camping

  • Patience, resilience, flexibility, and a sense of humor 

Step 3 – Send the following to our Recruiter, Nate Oglesbee, at recruiter@elementswilderness.com

  • Resume

  • Two written letters of reference

  • Copies of current certifications

  • Completed Elements Employee Application