Hiring: Zip Line Guides


CLIMB Works is a zippin' little family in the Smoky Mountains.  Our guides work hard and have a good time doing it.  We have senders and receivers on every tour and you stay with groups throughout the whole course. Senders are responsible for hooking up each participant correctly and sending them down the line. Receivers catch each participant as they come to the end of the zipline using our ZIPKEA braking system.

Once at work you engage with customers in a friendly and encouraging manner. You also help them with their safety harness, helmet, and other gear before safely taking them through our 2 to 2.5-hour zipline course while sharing knowledge about the Smoky Mountains. Along the way, you learn their names, where they are from, interests, and fears. You help them overcome challenges. You encourage them and probably tell some corny jokes. You are sincere and genuine in conversation. Once the tour is over and everyone gives sweaty good-bye hugs to each other, repeat the process.

We offer apartments just 20 minutes from CLIMB Works for those needing a place to stay for the Summer.  They are first-come-first-serve. Roommates would be other employees from CLIMB Works as well. Shared rooms.

Our busiest time will be the Summer months.  We can guarantee a regular amount of hours until approximately mid-August.  After that, it will be based on reservations.